Monday, 7 July 2014

Shoud You Potty Train Your Child Now?

To potty train or not to potty train!

Since the dawn of time, we human beings have been learning how to treat our children in the best of ways; from ancient mythical beliefs to cutting edge medical technology, yet there are still issue that have not been settled! One that seems pretty simple, but in reality is way deeper than we think, is potty training.

About potty training

Today, many parents find themselves wondering whether to potty train their child or not, and they are bombarded by many conflicting opinions from everyone around them, from their family to their doctors! That is why I want to talk a little about the subject and try to give you a simple overview of the whole thing, and maybe help you find the best way to do it.

Potty training is a subject of debate today because of the wide availability of disposable diapers with advanced technology, and the proliferation of communication and media that allows for wide dispersion of multiple opinions to a wide variety of audiences. Many parents are unsure about the idea of potty training, not just in the viability of the concept, but more importantly in its execution. This issue causes confusion and frustration to many parents, and I hope to help with that!

My humble opinion

This is merely my own opinion on the subject, based on my own research and logic. I believe that potty training is something every parent should do; it is beneficial to teach your child how to use the toilet properly early on to allow them to have a more active and outgoing life as soon as they can. Children are extremely absorbing at a young age, and being active stimulates their mind to grow quicker. Potty training has one great advantage, especially if you have several children;it brings about great expense reduction from not needing to constantly buy disposable diapers. Disposable diapers sure are convenient, but they are also expensive and used frequently. The longer you leave your child without proper potty training, the longer you keep paying for expensive exposable diapers. The biggest advantage to potty training, and also the most inconspicuous, is that potty training is a strong bonding opportunity between parent and child! It is one of the first mutual efforts that familiarize you with your child and brings you closer to them, and gives a chance to practice your parenting skills early on and let your child absorb who you are and how you guide them. Finishing potty training successfully is one of the first joyful learning experiences you can have with your child!

Doing the actual training

When I started searching around for guides that describe how to potty train your child, I found a lot of identical articles and guides! It really amazes me how they can all just copy from each other and say the exact same thing, and the worst thing is that it is all general advice and haphazard directions! I examined numerous examples trying to find something unique and of real value, but I almost failed to do so. After several days of rigorous search, I stumbled upon a guide called Start Potty Training. It is written by Carol Cline, someone who I have come to respect and admire after reading her work! The book is an amazing potty training guide, not just on how to do it effectively in 3 days, but on the history and underlying concepts too! It explains a lot about the topic and provides a lot of unique information I never imaged I would know! It is a brilliant guide, and it is the one thing I heartedly recommend from my search! Check out Carol Cline's Start Potty Training program today!