Saturday, 5 July 2014

Methods To Pick Up Chicks

Women just like men are really different from each other, what attracts a particular woman does not necessarily mean this can be applied to all women out there, in point of fact, this is just the same with men. Many a time, some men do not succeed in capturing the woman who caught their attention simply because they did not meet her standards. Surely, having good looks is a plus factor but it doesn’t mean that it’s everything a woman looks for.

In addition, more and more men share that women are so hard to understand as they’re mostly indecisive and hard to read. Well, the truth is men need to know the so-called greatest attraction killers to women. If you’re a man who is frequently rejected or ditched, then, it is high time to unveil the secrets of what women hate when it comes to men.

Here are some of the most revealed attraction killers which definitely turn off women:
  • A man who shows too much sexual intent particularly on the first date.
  • A man who has a poor attention span and not having the ability to hold eye contact.
  • A guy who talks too much and brag about anything such as his work, salary, possessions and the like.
  • A guy who talks mostly about topics which are considered “off” like politics, sex and their ex-partners.
  • A man who is too drunk or becomes too drunk while on a date.
  • A man with a poor hygiene and not presentable.
  • A guy who shows that he’s overly eager to win the girl.
  • A man who is absent-minded and appears to be not enjoying the moment with his date.
  • A man who is not a good listener. This shows that you’re not attentive to what a woman says or shares with you.

Nearly all women share that it absolutely annoys them when a man make sexual comments. So, men need to know and understand that it’s definitely forbidden to say anything sexual when dating a woman and it is certainly prohibited to touch her upon your very first date or meeting. Remember that on your first meeting, you are trying to develop trust and once you did any of what was mentioned above, then, this will absolutely ruin your reputation.

Men need to take into account that almost all women wish to feel and treated special and not solely a piece of meat. It is advisable to say something complimentary about her such as her hair, her shoes or outfit, or you may also consider buying her a drink. Also, take note that your objective is to make a special connection with the woman and this can only be done by having undisturbed attention and eye contact.

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