Saturday, 5 July 2014

How To Permanently Cure Herpes

Today, I want to write a bit about Herpes; I am sure that most of you know what Herpes is and know some information about it, but let us handle the topic in a more thorough sense. Herpes is one of the most prevalentsexually transmitted diseases in the world today, spreading like wildfire and affecting millions of people, changing their lifestyles forever! Let’s know a bit more about this force subtly shaping our world.

The basic information you need to know

Herpes Simplex (or just Herpes) is a viral skin condition that manifests in the shape of sores or lesions on the face, fingers or genital area, but it sometimes occurs in other parts of the body such as the buttocks or the thighs. Herpes is not transmitted through blood, but only through direct skin contact. Herpes is a very elusive virus because sometimes it does not show any symptoms, but still gets transmitted from one person to another; most people infected with herpes do not even know it at all! And so no care it taken during sex and so it keeps on spreading silently until a person is shocked to find they have it! Oral Herpes can be transmitted to the genitals via oral sex. In general, if there are no visible symptoms then there is little risk of infection, but occasionally the virus does shed from the skin even without any visible sores.

There are 2 known types of Herpes virus; Herpes Simplextype 1 and Herpes Simplextype 2, called HSV 1 and 2 for short. HSV 1 is the more prevalent of the two, infecting a much larger percentage of the sexually active population. Herpes can present a risky situation during pregnancy, as there is a possibility it can be transmitted to the child. There are many medications on the market that somewhat mitigate its symptoms, but Herpes has not real cure in the medical world.

Living with Herpes has its drawbacks and occasional annoying symptoms, but the medical side is not Herpes’s worst drawback, but the emotional impact of knowing you have Herpes and have to live with it for the rest of your life!

Why living with Herpes sucks

Living with Herpes presents its own complications to an already complicated life; from the physical health side, its impact is limited and only occasionally troublesome, but the emotional and social side is the one that suffers greatly. Some people do not properly understand Herpes, and so being positively diagnosed with Herpes means that you must always inform potential partners of your condition and risk rejection. It keeps you always vigilant and wary not to infect someone you care about, even if it means staying away from them altogether.

Managing Herpes

As I stated, Herpes has no cure, people with Herpes are forced to deal with it to the end of their days, their best hope is medication that somewhat mitigate its symptoms and decrease the frequency of outbreaks. If we look in the Herpes culture, we find a lot of guides and “miracle cures” claiming to eradicate Herpes and what not, but unfortunately these are just feeding on the frustration of Herpes sufferers, and causing them even more in the process!The basic information about Herpes is available everywhere, and advice to live as normally as possible with Herpes are also widely available, but the sweet complete, definitive relief is not available… almost.

Hope on the horizon

After reading about Herpes and seeing the suffering and inconvenience it caused, I wanted to see all the frivolous guides out there for myself. During my search, I did stumble on something interesting; a guide called The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. This guide has an unusually large fan base and extremely good reviews (you can read up a full review here:, and after I checked it out I saw why. It relies on a very simple scientific approach to strengthen the body and weaken the Herpes virus, and gives its readers a chance to the most natural life they can live!