Friday, 4 July 2014

How To Improve Your Vision Naturally To Get 20/20 Eyesight

Our senses are the core factors why we still exist and live on today. Our eyesight, hearing, taste and smell make us unique among others. However, with the rapid growth, expansion and also evolution of technology, our lifestyle was set to change. This change brought about the good and the bad in our life. For one, we have achieved the sense of having high-technology which brings about comfort and convenience. Although, we tend to forget sometimes we compromised our physical health in general and later on regret in the future.

Today, many individuals are faced with the issue of having bad vision or defective eyesight. Our eyes are a delicate part of our entire body, composing of nearly 2million complex parts. It is said that most of our time; we normally blink our eyes for about 10,000 times without feeling any sign of strain. Today, you could see most people complaining about not being able to see without their glasses on, having trouble reading faraway signs and many more. This is believed to be the growing problem of eyesight and most people don’t even realize that they have this problem. According to a recent article I have read, there are about 56 common eye problems affecting our population today. Refractive problems are the most common in the United States and targets about 11 million people ages 12 and above. These problems include myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Another common eye problem is the age-related muscular degeneration, commonly acquired by adults 60 years and older and is characterized by a damaged central vision but does not entirely cause blindness.

The solution? Sadly many of the eye doctors today may immediately prescribe the patients with corrective glasses and/or lenses which promise to strengthen vision, but may actually cause it to degrade fast. Some optometrists as they say generally know that the eventually the prescribed lens to the patient would not last long as his/her visual impairment would be gradually, but they tend to “lead” that event from happening through their prescriptions in order for the patient to regularly come back and for them to earn more. There are, however, some eye exercises which are said to help restore good vision. One of which is the Bates Method, which enables relaxation of the eye muscles by covering the eyes, performing the basic eye exercise (e.g. rotations) and looking away to a variety of colors to maintain balance. There are also some eye exercises that promote eye flexibility as such methods of Grossman. He uses correction methods such as making the patients look at a Magic 3D-pictures which are said to help to relax the mind and eyes in the process. Some experts would tend to promote nutritional supplements to better keep the eyes healthy. Nutrients like lutein, bilberry and Omega 3 fatty acids are said to help improve the condition of those who have myopia. There are also eye massages available today which claim to be able to restore vision in no time.

In all this, I have found an excellent guide which would enable one to restore his/her vision by not going through all the costs of check-ups, prescriptions and purchases of other products. Restore My Vision Today is a program designed by eye experts, Sen and Samantha Pearson which gives hope to those with eye defects through essential eye workouts and techniques to maintain overall eyesight. This e-book is now available in the website and comes with a Booster Pack which claims to enhance vision by following step-by-step instructions. The guide also is backed by much research done by the two experts and is very comprehensive.

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