Monday, 7 July 2014

Cellulite - How To Get Rid of It Naturally

Many women around the world, not to mention, also men, are suffering from what they usually called cellulite problems. What is cellulite actually? Cellulite is a condition, where commonly seen as bumps, dimples or uneven skin condition mostly found in the lower body area, such as in the area of legs, buns hips and thighs. Information stating that this condition is a skin or a fat issue, is totally misleading, since the appearance of cellulite is actually a muscle fiber issue. This is one of the main reasons why there are lots of people, especially women, are quite confused and experiencing deep frustration, because everything they have tried in getting rid of this uninvited guest, that is refusing to leave willingly, didn’t seem to work at all. It gets more frustrating when we know actually, that out there, there is surely a solution to the problem, but we haven’t found the working one.

There are 3 (three) easy, yet critical principles, that we need to know first, in order for us to be successful in getting rid of all our cellulite problems, where everything else is totally unnecessary and is just going to lead us to more confusion and frustration as well as anger and problem. At first, we must know why we have cellulite and what cellulite actually is. The second things is that we must know what makes it worse, and lastly we must know what is the proven way to get rid of the cellulite condition.

And to begin removing the cellulite, we first need to know about the structure of our body, especially the lower body area, where the condition commonly appears. The area between our waist and our ankles consist of around 90 large and small muscles. And between the muscles and our wrapping outer skin, which is in medical terms is called the epidermis, there are layers of tissues called the dermis which lies on top of our subcutaneous fat, above the muscle tissue. The cellulite condition occurs when these muscle tissues are weak and flabby, not properly strengthened to strong enough to support the layers of the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous fat above it. Now that we have known what really causing the problem is, it’s time for us to find the right way to banish the cellulite.

The things that we heard that it is genetic and once we have it, we can never get rid of it, are totally false. So, why does most of the cellulite products in the market, or if we can say, all of those in the industry are not able to provide us with a favorable result? As every offered solution on the market are always trying to make us believe that this is a skin or fat issue, which we know now is not true, all of these products and treatments are aimed to fix the skin or lower body fat content, which are physiologically impossible. What we really need is to properly challenge and strengthen the specific muscles. But be extra cautious, getting the wrong exercises might hurt you or even could provide you with a contrary result. Instead of doing some common 2 dimensional gym exercises, which are totally not recommended, since it will make cellulite get worse, one true way to get rid of this skin condition is by doing the skin-level muscle toning moves, which movements are multidimensional, in order to give us a more proper targeted muscle fiber stimulation, especially in the lower body trouble zones.

The exercise is commonly known as the Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation or shortened as the SYMULAST. It consists of combination exercises of various forms, tempo and sequences that is very simple yet powerful, and could be done at home, specifically to remove cellulite within the next 28 days. This well proven technique was introduced by a 2-degree holder in exercise physiology, Joey Atlas, a woman's body enhancement specialist with clients in 193 countries, who dedicates himself for almost 23 years in helping women banish their cellulite problems.

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