Sunday, 6 July 2014

Best Workout Plan For Six Pack Abs

Every man nowadays wants to have the perfect body: a flat stomach with well-toned abdominal muscles or “abs”. “Handsome” and “hot” is now defined by a combination of good posture and strong muscles. I have read about some workouts which claim to be able to help you develop strong abs in no time. I have read about some workouts such as the 7 ab-workout which doesn’t agree alone to the traditional abs exercise such as the sit ups and curl-ups, and promotes “stabilization training”. This involves a combination of traditional sit-ups and crunches while maintaining the stability of the body such as maintaining straight spine, and doing progressions such as elevating your feet and allow some instability to maintain balance. Currently, there is also the so-called “10-minute” abs exercise which promises a flat six pack within weeks of training. This exercise should be done 2-4 times per week and must follow a routine of long arm crunches, reverse crunch, and jack planks.

The true fact of working out is that you cannot really achieve a perfect body within a short period of time. Testimonials of some who have abs are sometimes exaggerated and they tend to promote other equipment or products to help you exercise to top shape. One thing is true though: when you work out, you must also complement it with a balanced diet. I have read in some articles that fiber is the number one nutrient needed to ensure a flat stomach and maintain the abs. Here are some fiber-rich, foods which banish bloat:
  • Almonds- filled with protein, fiber and also the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Eggs- rich in protein and as found out in research, it fills the stomach and allows you to go on in your day’s activities without feeling hungry all the time.
  • Soybeans- a good source of antioxidants, protein and fiber which is also a goodsnack during mid-breaks.
  • Apples- rich source of antioxidants and contains quercetin which is said to help fight off cancer and reduce cholesterol.
  • Yogurt- the probacteria present keeps your digestive system healthy while decreasing the tendency of your stomach to bloat because of gas.
  • Broth/veggie soup- said to be successful in making people lose weight compared to the average low-fat snack bar.

The true essence of working out is to make it your lifestyle. Often, most people subscribe to these ab-workout programs without even planning how to balance it with their daily activities. Some would start and then forget to continue after a few weeks, and then get frustrated because they see no results. The same is true of the diet plans which promise fat-reduction. A working person cannot possibly maintain a diet without compromise because some things are just as important as maintaining a slim body.

With this, I have found a solution which would entirely change the course of work-outs and diet plans. The Truth About Six Pack Abs offers the latest fitness and nutrition news and the good news is, some of the presentation and guides are free. Mike Geary, the owner and author, is a nutritionist expert and now gives a step-by-step guide on how to lose those fats in the stomach and start to develop six pack abs. In his book Insider Secrets for a Lean Body, he reveals some true and yet unusual tips for getting the six pack and even reject the notion that traditional exercises are the best way to do it. It also promotes a more natural guide to your diet while engaging in its step-by-step workout routine compared to other activities which may require you to purchase additional supplements such as fat burning pills.