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Shoud You Potty Train Your Child Now?

To potty train or not to potty train!

Since the dawn of time, we human beings have been learning how to treat our children in the best of ways; from ancient mythical beliefs to cutting edge medical technology, yet there are still issue that have not been settled! One that seems pretty simple, but in reality is way deeper than we think, is potty training.

About potty training

Today, many parents find themselves wondering whether to potty train their child or not, and they are bombarded by many conflicting opinions from everyone around them, from their family to their doctors! That is why I want to talk a little about the subject and try to give you a simple overview of the whole thing, and maybe help you find the best way to do it.

Potty training is a subject of debate today because of the wide availability of disposable diapers with advanced technology, and the proliferation of communication and media that allows for wide dispersion of multiple opinions to a wide variety of audiences. Many parents are unsure about the idea of potty training, not just in the viability of the concept, but more importantly in its execution. This issue causes confusion and frustration to many parents, and I hope to help with that!

My humble opinion

This is merely my own opinion on the subject, based on my own research and logic. I believe that potty training is something every parent should do; it is beneficial to teach your child how to use the toilet properly early on to allow them to have a more active and outgoing life as soon as they can. Children are extremely absorbing at a young age, and being active stimulates their mind to grow quicker. Potty training has one great advantage, especially if you have several children;it brings about great expense reduction from not needing to constantly buy disposable diapers. Disposable diapers sure are convenient, but they are also expensive and used frequently. The longer you leave your child without proper potty training, the longer you keep paying for expensive exposable diapers. The biggest advantage to potty training, and also the most inconspicuous, is that potty training is a strong bonding opportunity between parent and child! It is one of the first mutual efforts that familiarize you with your child and brings you closer to them, and gives a chance to practice your parenting skills early on and let your child absorb who you are and how you guide them. Finishing potty training successfully is one of the first joyful learning experiences you can have with your child!

Doing the actual training

When I started searching around for guides that describe how to potty train your child, I found a lot of identical articles and guides! It really amazes me how they can all just copy from each other and say the exact same thing, and the worst thing is that it is all general advice and haphazard directions! I examined numerous examples trying to find something unique and of real value, but I almost failed to do so. After several days of rigorous search, I stumbled upon a guide called Start Potty Training. It is written by Carol Cline, someone who I have come to respect and admire after reading her work! The book is an amazing potty training guide, not just on how to do it effectively in 3 days, but on the history and underlying concepts too! It explains a lot about the topic and provides a lot of unique information I never imaged I would know! It is a brilliant guide, and it is the one thing I heartedly recommend from my search! Check out Carol Cline's Start Potty Training program today!

Learn How to Naturally Look Younger

Admit it or not, we all hate it when we’re mistaken of being older than our real age; this is totally very annoying and perhaps very degrading to some particularly to women. Honestly, women take better care of themselves not just to look pretty and healthy but also to avoid being looked down just because you look older than your actual age. Of course, we do not wish to be embarrassed and we do not wish others to degrade us just because we look older.

The truth is when a person reaches the age of 40, the process of aging accelerates. While it may be true that we can’t really control our age and the aging process itself, still, we can do something to at least delay the process and look ten years younger than our real age. You know, eating the right foods, engaging ourselves in regular activities and taking the right supplements or vitamins will definitely help us slow down the aging process.

Take note of the following tips:
  • Eat healthy every day in order for you to be slim, fit and healthy. Be picky with the foods you eat.
  • Workout regularly. By doing so, you will be guaranteed to feel and look younger by means of preserving your body.
  • Get sufficient amount of sleep. It is essential to understand that skin repairs itself at night time. So, this means that if you are frequently deprived of sleep, this will be shown in your complexion.
  • Combat inflammation with the help of calming ingredients like green or white teat extracts that provide rapid improvement for rosacea-related redness as well as aging.
  • For women who are worried of possessing dry skin which usually comes with age, it is fundamental to avoid over-moisturizing. In short, it does not help putting on heavy moisturizers or cream instead it is more advisable to invest in a premium quality humidifier primarily if you reside in a dry climate region.
  • Eliminate the toxins which develop in the body. Toxins only make it a lot difficult for the body organs to function properly. A few of the natural ways to detoxify is to consume more fruits and veggies every day or taking a low acid apple juice.
  • Have time to relax no matter how hectic your schedule is every day. It is crucial to relax your face muscles as well as eyes. This will definitely aid a person to look younger and more attractive.
  • Always keep a positive attitude. This will enable you to be worry-free and always relaxed.
  • Consider having regular medical checkups. This serves as a very exceptional preventive step to detect early any irregularities or potential illness.
  • Have fun and socialize. This activity will greatly help in clearing our thoughts from worries and uplifting our spirit. Interacting with family members, friends and other colleagues can truly give us joy and healthy feeling.

If you wish to unveil the secrets to staying young and healthy, the program which is carefully developed by health and fitness expert couples named Steve and Becky Holman called Old School New Body System will absolutely provide you the solution to your fitness, weight loss and aging-related problems. The program’s developers are a couple in their 50s and they are the proven products of how effective their program is.

The Old School New Body program is not just designed to help you shed off excess pounds and be healthy and fit but it is also developed to help a person know the secrets on how to reverse the process of aging. So, if your objective is to slow down the aging process and preserve your muscle mass, then, you will definitely benefit from this unique program.

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Cellulite - How To Get Rid of It Naturally

Many women around the world, not to mention, also men, are suffering from what they usually called cellulite problems. What is cellulite actually? Cellulite is a condition, where commonly seen as bumps, dimples or uneven skin condition mostly found in the lower body area, such as in the area of legs, buns hips and thighs. Information stating that this condition is a skin or a fat issue, is totally misleading, since the appearance of cellulite is actually a muscle fiber issue. This is one of the main reasons why there are lots of people, especially women, are quite confused and experiencing deep frustration, because everything they have tried in getting rid of this uninvited guest, that is refusing to leave willingly, didn’t seem to work at all. It gets more frustrating when we know actually, that out there, there is surely a solution to the problem, but we haven’t found the working one.

There are 3 (three) easy, yet critical principles, that we need to know first, in order for us to be successful in getting rid of all our cellulite problems, where everything else is totally unnecessary and is just going to lead us to more confusion and frustration as well as anger and problem. At first, we must know why we have cellulite and what cellulite actually is. The second things is that we must know what makes it worse, and lastly we must know what is the proven way to get rid of the cellulite condition.

And to begin removing the cellulite, we first need to know about the structure of our body, especially the lower body area, where the condition commonly appears. The area between our waist and our ankles consist of around 90 large and small muscles. And between the muscles and our wrapping outer skin, which is in medical terms is called the epidermis, there are layers of tissues called the dermis which lies on top of our subcutaneous fat, above the muscle tissue. The cellulite condition occurs when these muscle tissues are weak and flabby, not properly strengthened to strong enough to support the layers of the epidermis, the dermis and subcutaneous fat above it. Now that we have known what really causing the problem is, it’s time for us to find the right way to banish the cellulite.

The things that we heard that it is genetic and once we have it, we can never get rid of it, are totally false. So, why does most of the cellulite products in the market, or if we can say, all of those in the industry are not able to provide us with a favorable result? As every offered solution on the market are always trying to make us believe that this is a skin or fat issue, which we know now is not true, all of these products and treatments are aimed to fix the skin or lower body fat content, which are physiologically impossible. What we really need is to properly challenge and strengthen the specific muscles. But be extra cautious, getting the wrong exercises might hurt you or even could provide you with a contrary result. Instead of doing some common 2 dimensional gym exercises, which are totally not recommended, since it will make cellulite get worse, one true way to get rid of this skin condition is by doing the skin-level muscle toning moves, which movements are multidimensional, in order to give us a more proper targeted muscle fiber stimulation, especially in the lower body trouble zones.

The exercise is commonly known as the Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation or shortened as the SYMULAST. It consists of combination exercises of various forms, tempo and sequences that is very simple yet powerful, and could be done at home, specifically to remove cellulite within the next 28 days. This well proven technique was introduced by a 2-degree holder in exercise physiology, Joey Atlas, a woman's body enhancement specialist with clients in 193 countries, who dedicates himself for almost 23 years in helping women banish their cellulite problems.

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Can You Cure Diabetes Completely

Diabetes is one of the major diseases that are affecting our population today. Many people are prone to this disease, as majority of lifestyles nowadays are considered to be unhealthy. Technology gave a significant help in the production and improvement of our food but it also brought along negative consequences to our body. For example, with the presence of processed and packaged food, it is now convenient and easy to satisfy our hunger but looking beyond, we might forget to think about what we are eating and consider if it is nutritious or not. Diabetes is prevalent about 24 million people, including children in the United States alone, which is a significantly high number and most of the victims don’t even know they have it.

To give an overview, Diabetes or scientifically known as diabetes mellitus is a cluster of metabolic diseases which results when he person has a high blood sugar. Having high blood sugar may cause symptoms like increased hunger and thirst, frequently urinating and unexpected weight loss. The three different types of diabetes are: Type 1 DM, Type 2 DM and the Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes type 1 happens when the Immune system of the body destroys the cells responsible for insulin production in the pancreas. Insulin’s role in the body is important because it distributes the sugar, along with other nutrients to the body. Therefore, having type 1 diabetes means that the insulin production in your body is now abnormal which results to high blood sugar levels. Type 2 Diabetes occurs when there is insulin resistance, which means that pancreas in the body is still producing insulin but either it doesn’t make enough of it or the cells fail to use the insulin properly. This is the most common type of diabetes, which impacts adults. It is believed that type 2 Diabetes is mainly caused by the broken insulin receptor of the body cells. The third form or Gestational diabetes occurs among pregnant women. It is marked by both inadequate production of insulin in the body and failure to utilize the remaining insulin, which happens during pregnancy but eventually disappears during childbirth. The main symptoms of Diabetes are mentioned earlier, as caused by the high blood sugar. Some people may also experience diabetic ketoacidosis characterized by nausea, abdominal pain, slight unconsciousness and heavy breathing.

Diabetes itself only causes significantly small harm to the person, but the complications it brings are lifelong and dangerous. Diabetes may damage one’s kidneys or eyes when untreated and may potentially cause early death. It can also damage one’s skin and cause numbness, pain in the muscle areas. In 2011, it is measured that Diabetes had been the eight leading cause of death, estimating about 1.41 million worldwide.

As of today, here are considered to be the treatment of Diabetes:

For the Diabetes Type 1, it requires keeping the blood sugar levels in a standard range, which include:
  • Taking insulin injections everyday
  • Monitoring blood sugar levels
  • Eating a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Not drinking and smoking
Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes includes:
  • Weight loss surgery
  • Non-insulin injectables
  • Natural remedies
  • Oral medications
As they say, what is better than a cure is prevention. Type 1 Diabetes, as research says could not be prevented as it is considered a heritable disease but Type 2 could be. Here are some preventive measures I have found out online:
  • Maintain a normal body weight. Occasionally check your weight in order to monitor changes which may be potentially causes of diabetes.
  • Physical exercise. Regular work out of the body helps build up a strong immune system and avoids risk of diseases
  • Eat a well-balanced diet.
  • If your family has a long history of Diabetes, You can undergo tests to be ready and aware of the risks of the disease you might inherit.
I have also read about a recent published book called The Big Diabetes Lie. It gives you an access to the effective techniques, and treatment for Diabetes type 2 and also preventive measures to take upon entering the pre-diabetes stage.

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Should You Get Your Ex Back?

Getting the one back

So, you guys split up for one reason or another, and now you can clearly see that it was the biggest mistake of your life? Well, join the club buddy! I went through the same thing you are going through right now, and I want to share a brief account of my successful efforts to win her back, maybe it can help someone in need! Don’t worry, I’ll keep out all the personal fluffy stuff, and tell you the one thing you want to know; how I did it! Let me share just a little bit with you first.

The big mistake

Relationships are such a solid part of life; every single person who has ever lived maintains a group of relationships with other people with varying levels of intimacy. From your doorman to your significant other, and everyone else in between, relationships constitute a part of our lives that we cannot ignore, and they can be quite impactful on us sometimes! Today, with all the modern ways of communication and the well-established human civilization, we form relationships more than ever, and with a great deal of relationships comes a greater chance of trouble!

As human being, by nature we are drawn to the idea of love and intimacy, we are constantly searching for that special other half to accept us and share life with us, and also as human beings we tend to make mistakes and sabotage our own happiness! I am talking about breakups; a universal experience shared by almost everyone who has ever been aware enough to seek a fulfilling relationship. When a breakup turns out to be a mistake, it is one of the most challenging recoveries you can face, involving a lot of searching within yourself, and a way to communicate effectively with someone who will usually resist your attempts.

What if I fail?

Sometimes, people fail to make things right, and end up living the rest of their lives in regret … it is a sad premise, constantly thinking about what could have been, but isn’t, and what could have been done, but wasn’t. Getting your ex back is an endeavor that can succeed or fail, but it is all up to you and how hard you try, or more importantly how smart you try. Failing can mean a miserable and regretful life; don’t let it happen to you!

Finding success

What many people fail to realize is that fixing a relationship is more about insightful smart connections that blunt attempts. Even after realizing so, some people just don’t know how to do it! Fortunately for them, there is an infinite number of relationship gurus out there who are more than willing to give their unique and insightful advice, the only problem is that they all say the same thing! Love problems are the weakness of many men and women, and there are cruel people who take advantage of that for their own profit!

Back to my own story here, I was facing the same problem, and I searched and searched and only found generic advice that just didn’t make any sense to me, until one day I finally found what I didn’t know I was really looking for, a book called Text Your Ex Back. What caught my attention is the fact that is says ‘text’ in the title, how do you do that? Texting? Really? But then I actually read it, and it made so much sense! I never imagined I could speak so deeply to her with simple texts, and make her realize that despite what happened, we are still meant to be. Because of this book, we are now together, happier than ever! With our busy and cramped lifestyle, we managed to use texting to let our romance prevail without boundaries. I am very thankful I found this, and it is the one thing I recommend you give Text Your Ex Back a shot!

Best Workout Plan For Six Pack Abs

Every man nowadays wants to have the perfect body: a flat stomach with well-toned abdominal muscles or “abs”. “Handsome” and “hot” is now defined by a combination of good posture and strong muscles. I have read about some workouts which claim to be able to help you develop strong abs in no time. I have read about some workouts such as the 7 ab-workout which doesn’t agree alone to the traditional abs exercise such as the sit ups and curl-ups, and promotes “stabilization training”. This involves a combination of traditional sit-ups and crunches while maintaining the stability of the body such as maintaining straight spine, and doing progressions such as elevating your feet and allow some instability to maintain balance. Currently, there is also the so-called “10-minute” abs exercise which promises a flat six pack within weeks of training. This exercise should be done 2-4 times per week and must follow a routine of long arm crunches, reverse crunch, and jack planks.

The true fact of working out is that you cannot really achieve a perfect body within a short period of time. Testimonials of some who have abs are sometimes exaggerated and they tend to promote other equipment or products to help you exercise to top shape. One thing is true though: when you work out, you must also complement it with a balanced diet. I have read in some articles that fiber is the number one nutrient needed to ensure a flat stomach and maintain the abs. Here are some fiber-rich, foods which banish bloat:
  • Almonds- filled with protein, fiber and also the powerful antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Eggs- rich in protein and as found out in research, it fills the stomach and allows you to go on in your day’s activities without feeling hungry all the time.
  • Soybeans- a good source of antioxidants, protein and fiber which is also a goodsnack during mid-breaks.
  • Apples- rich source of antioxidants and contains quercetin which is said to help fight off cancer and reduce cholesterol.
  • Yogurt- the probacteria present keeps your digestive system healthy while decreasing the tendency of your stomach to bloat because of gas.
  • Broth/veggie soup- said to be successful in making people lose weight compared to the average low-fat snack bar.

The true essence of working out is to make it your lifestyle. Often, most people subscribe to these ab-workout programs without even planning how to balance it with their daily activities. Some would start and then forget to continue after a few weeks, and then get frustrated because they see no results. The same is true of the diet plans which promise fat-reduction. A working person cannot possibly maintain a diet without compromise because some things are just as important as maintaining a slim body.

With this, I have found a solution which would entirely change the course of work-outs and diet plans. The Truth About Six Pack Abs offers the latest fitness and nutrition news and the good news is, some of the presentation and guides are free. Mike Geary, the owner and author, is a nutritionist expert and now gives a step-by-step guide on how to lose those fats in the stomach and start to develop six pack abs. In his book Insider Secrets for a Lean Body, he reveals some true and yet unusual tips for getting the six pack and even reject the notion that traditional exercises are the best way to do it. It also promotes a more natural guide to your diet while engaging in its step-by-step workout routine compared to other activities which may require you to purchase additional supplements such as fat burning pills.

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Methods To Pick Up Chicks

Women just like men are really different from each other, what attracts a particular woman does not necessarily mean this can be applied to all women out there, in point of fact, this is just the same with men. Many a time, some men do not succeed in capturing the woman who caught their attention simply because they did not meet her standards. Surely, having good looks is a plus factor but it doesn’t mean that it’s everything a woman looks for.

In addition, more and more men share that women are so hard to understand as they’re mostly indecisive and hard to read. Well, the truth is men need to know the so-called greatest attraction killers to women. If you’re a man who is frequently rejected or ditched, then, it is high time to unveil the secrets of what women hate when it comes to men.

Here are some of the most revealed attraction killers which definitely turn off women:
  • A man who shows too much sexual intent particularly on the first date.
  • A man who has a poor attention span and not having the ability to hold eye contact.
  • A guy who talks too much and brag about anything such as his work, salary, possessions and the like.
  • A guy who talks mostly about topics which are considered “off” like politics, sex and their ex-partners.
  • A man who is too drunk or becomes too drunk while on a date.
  • A man with a poor hygiene and not presentable.
  • A guy who shows that he’s overly eager to win the girl.
  • A man who is absent-minded and appears to be not enjoying the moment with his date.
  • A man who is not a good listener. This shows that you’re not attentive to what a woman says or shares with you.

Nearly all women share that it absolutely annoys them when a man make sexual comments. So, men need to know and understand that it’s definitely forbidden to say anything sexual when dating a woman and it is certainly prohibited to touch her upon your very first date or meeting. Remember that on your first meeting, you are trying to develop trust and once you did any of what was mentioned above, then, this will absolutely ruin your reputation.

Men need to take into account that almost all women wish to feel and treated special and not solely a piece of meat. It is advisable to say something complimentary about her such as her hair, her shoes or outfit, or you may also consider buying her a drink. Also, take note that your objective is to make a special connection with the woman and this can only be done by having undisturbed attention and eye contact.

If you’re a man who do not wish to be rejected, ditched and hurt by the woman of your dreams and be sure to win her; then, it is clear that you desperately need an exceptional advice regarding the real and effective art of attracting women. The only program which can help you end up with the woman you’re deeply attracted to is none other than Joshua Pellicer’s very advanced and efficient system called The Tao of Badass.

The Tao of Badass System will guide you through the whole process of how to properly approach a lady and learn the right words to say after saying hello. This program will certainly assist you in building attractiveness and confidence by merely using your body language correctly, mastering a particular approach on how to behave with women and what to say on every stage of your conversation.

Essentially, once you invested in this program, you will have the chance to access the member area and uncover more secrets to attracting the woman of your dreams!

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How To Permanently Cure Herpes

Today, I want to write a bit about Herpes; I am sure that most of you know what Herpes is and know some information about it, but let us handle the topic in a more thorough sense. Herpes is one of the most prevalentsexually transmitted diseases in the world today, spreading like wildfire and affecting millions of people, changing their lifestyles forever! Let’s know a bit more about this force subtly shaping our world.

The basic information you need to know

Herpes Simplex (or just Herpes) is a viral skin condition that manifests in the shape of sores or lesions on the face, fingers or genital area, but it sometimes occurs in other parts of the body such as the buttocks or the thighs. Herpes is not transmitted through blood, but only through direct skin contact. Herpes is a very elusive virus because sometimes it does not show any symptoms, but still gets transmitted from one person to another; most people infected with herpes do not even know it at all! And so no care it taken during sex and so it keeps on spreading silently until a person is shocked to find they have it! Oral Herpes can be transmitted to the genitals via oral sex. In general, if there are no visible symptoms then there is little risk of infection, but occasionally the virus does shed from the skin even without any visible sores.

There are 2 known types of Herpes virus; Herpes Simplextype 1 and Herpes Simplextype 2, called HSV 1 and 2 for short. HSV 1 is the more prevalent of the two, infecting a much larger percentage of the sexually active population. Herpes can present a risky situation during pregnancy, as there is a possibility it can be transmitted to the child. There are many medications on the market that somewhat mitigate its symptoms, but Herpes has not real cure in the medical world.

Living with Herpes has its drawbacks and occasional annoying symptoms, but the medical side is not Herpes’s worst drawback, but the emotional impact of knowing you have Herpes and have to live with it for the rest of your life!

Why living with Herpes sucks

Living with Herpes presents its own complications to an already complicated life; from the physical health side, its impact is limited and only occasionally troublesome, but the emotional and social side is the one that suffers greatly. Some people do not properly understand Herpes, and so being positively diagnosed with Herpes means that you must always inform potential partners of your condition and risk rejection. It keeps you always vigilant and wary not to infect someone you care about, even if it means staying away from them altogether.

Managing Herpes

As I stated, Herpes has no cure, people with Herpes are forced to deal with it to the end of their days, their best hope is medication that somewhat mitigate its symptoms and decrease the frequency of outbreaks. If we look in the Herpes culture, we find a lot of guides and “miracle cures” claiming to eradicate Herpes and what not, but unfortunately these are just feeding on the frustration of Herpes sufferers, and causing them even more in the process!The basic information about Herpes is available everywhere, and advice to live as normally as possible with Herpes are also widely available, but the sweet complete, definitive relief is not available… almost.

Hope on the horizon

After reading about Herpes and seeing the suffering and inconvenience it caused, I wanted to see all the frivolous guides out there for myself. During my search, I did stumble on something interesting; a guide called The Ultimate Herpes Protocol. This guide has an unusually large fan base and extremely good reviews (you can read up a full review here:, and after I checked it out I saw why. It relies on a very simple scientific approach to strengthen the body and weaken the Herpes virus, and gives its readers a chance to the most natural life they can live!

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Best Women Weight Loss Plan

Whether it is in your very own dwelling place, in your current neighborhood or in your entire community, the truth is the foods that surround yourself will definitely play a very pivotal role with regards to managing your weight; that is, no matter whom you’re interacting with in your weight loss process.

By happy chance, there is a delighting news today and that is the reality that a woman can take into her own hands, in her own dwelling place and the steps she takes toward a healthful home food environment does not necessarily have to be too extreme. You may consider the following simple food environment which can significantly help you shed off excess body fat the healthy way:

  • Get rid of sugar-based soda. Definitely, you always hear this and many of us think this is simple; however for some households, getting rid of sweet stuff is actually easier said than done. In reality, countless of people drink soda daily even though they know that this has nothing good to do to their health. Thankfully, there are lots of zero calorie or low calorie drink alternatives most of which are formulated to have belly-flattening ingredients that will help make you ditch soda for good and of course cut down excess sugar intake.
  • In with the brown foods and out with the white foods. This does not only apply to consuming too much rice; this also covers wheat breads as well as whole-grain pastas. It is worth mentioning to note that brown rice is highly regarded as more nutrient-filled and more filling as compared to their white counterparts. Indeed, this also provides more nutrition to the body.
  • Recognize the importance of planning in advance. It is recommendable to put together some containers that contain protein snacks, fruits and veggies which you can simply take in the morning rather than ending up grabbing the wrong food option later on. Taking time to fix things up greatly aids in eliminating excuses for not picking wisely when it comes to nutritious foods.
  • Pick the right exercise for your needs. This may be tough to determine and in fact many women do not realize the value of executing the right workouts that will precisely work based on their requirements as a woman. But, fortunately this is made easy by John Barban’s one of the top-selling systems of today known as The Venus Factor.
This weight loss program is a renowned weight loss program especially designed for women who wish to bring back their Venus figure, become healthier and happier and of course be the apple of the eye of every man who glances their way. This is a fitness and diet program that is accurately developed for the female body. This is also deemed as the latest approach to fat loss for women.

The system has swiftly drawn the attention of countless of women globally for its capability to transform the female body. Being one of the many women who have experienced the effectiveness of the system, I found the exercises contained in the system as quite challenging; however, the results I noticed kept me inspired to carry on. I honestly found a few of the exercises a bit difficult; however they were still obtainable. Moreover, the diet plan is very easy to follow and the good thing about this diet plan is that you need not starve yourself to death unlike other women diet plans out there.

Surely, women need not look elsewhere to lose weight and obtain the perfect Venus figure, with The Venus Factor, you are guaranteed that this system will work perfectly mainly because it is purposely designed for female metabolism.

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